Laura Roche is an exceptional real estate agent, and we loved working with her! She knows Orange County and its many communities very well (we were looking primarily in Newport Beach and Irvine), and she offered valuable insight into things like communities' histories', family-friendly appeal, past growth, and potential for future growth and appreciation. Laura was always responsive and attentive to our requests and questions, and she flexibly scheduled showings around our calendar constraints (we were living in Los Angeles at the time and have a young baby, so our windows of available time were narrow and unpredictable). She got to know us and our preferences very quickly, and as we refined what we liked and were looking for as we saw homes, she listened and took our comments into consideration in finding additional homes to recommend. Laura has a very personal touch and a strong ability to quickly understand your tastes; every home she showed us had some appeal to us (she never wasted our time). When we found the right home and got into the offer/negotiation, escrow, and closing stages of the home-buying process, Laura continued to excel. She offered valuable insight during the offer/negotiation process, helping us make wise offers and counter-offers to get the best price without risking losing the house. She was also very helpful as we navigated through escrow, offering valuable guidance, insight, and answers to our questions. We wholeheartedly recommend Laura. She is an expert and provided exceptional service, guidance, and support throughout our home-buying experience. We absolutely love our new home, and it's all thanks to Laura!

Beau and Jess, Buyers in Irvine